Let Art COLOR Our World



Last September we started thinking about our yearly collaborative, building wide art project.  Although I didn’t know what we were going to do at the time exactly,  I did know that I was going to clear out several buckets of old crayons that had been laying around my room for years.  The kids started the long process of unwrapping crayons at that time.  We generally unwrapped crayons when they got done early on a project and had a few minutes to spare or if they were given some free time.

By January we had the greater majority of the crayons unwrapped.  Now we needed to start designing our project.  After looking for ideas and brainstorming, we decided to make a large mural for one of the display cases in our school’s front hallway.  Not  a lot of people enjoy decorating  our display cases so  the idea was welcomed with open  arms.   The students just had to figure out what the mural was going to be.

They had lots of great ideas that ranged everywhere from a water tower to a Starry Night rendition,  to even a picture of Inman Primary School.  After much thought and discussion,  we decided that a tiger face,  which happens to be our school mascot, would be the best choice.  We just needed to do a little more final designing.

kjdh (2)

At this point,  all classrooms K-3 got to vote on their favorite design.  Unbelievable to me,   each class voted on the same design.

After that, we got a large piece of Masonite,  which would be our “canvas.”  I took the children’s  design  and painted it onto the Masonite.  Now all the kids had to do was start gluing.  Boy oh boy did it take a lot of glue!!!  We used a special,  extra sticky glue called “Tacky Glue.”  The project took an entire GALLON of Tacky Glue!!!


For the next week or so the kids glued on the background crayons.  Once that part was done,   we got to start on the tiger head.  To give our tiger a little more dimension I used a box cutter and cut the pieces for the tigers nose. I did this part myself to ensure the safety of the students.


The next part was the tiger’s fur.  We decided to crush some crayons for the fur to give it more texture.  This was a really fun part,  a little messy but well worth it. We placed crayons in between 2 boards and the kids stepped on the boards and they did the crushing.

We then filled in the tigers face.  It looked AMAZING!  We were very pleased.

Our final part of the mural was to fill in the word TIGERS with black.  This was one of the toughest parts of all since we found out that we didn’t have enough black crayons.  We searched our classrooms and our homes and just when we finally thought we had enough, we kept coming up short.  Then,  one of the kids came up with the brilliant idea of crushing the black crayons just like we did for the fur on the face so it wouldn’t take as many.  IT WORKED!

When we completed the project it was wonderful to see the smiles on the children’s faces and their sense of accomplishment.  Please take time to stop by Inman  Primary to look at this gorgeous piece of art.  The photos don’t do it justice.



The Creation Station

DSCN1129 (2).JPG

This is the 2nd year we have had a “Creation Station”  in  our art room.   As we are always striving to be the best we can be,  not only in our artwork,  but also our behavior.  Once we reach our class behavior goals,  we get to  enjoy some time in the “Creation Station.”

Please click here to watch a short video of our Creation Station.

A few of the fun activities that are available in the Creation Station include wooden building blocks & a Slotto Construction Set (for perhaps our future architects),  Lite Brites,  fun crafting scissors,  drawing books & paper,  markers,   and a few other items.

We  are always looking for more  activities for our Creation Station.  One of the items we would like to add are Legos.  If you happen  to know of somebody that is getting rid of some,  we would love to add them to our collection.  If you happen to have other items that you think we might be interested in,  please feel free to let us know.  Thanks!



The Completed “Masterpiece”

Masterpiece final 009

Yes, our “Masterpiece” is finally completed. All of the K-3 students at Inman have been working on this project since the beginning of the year. As you may already know, I have had a link on here to watch our “Masterpiece” as it developes.

First, we salvaged an old canvas picture out of storage. We then went to work! Our original plan was to use this to simply clean our paintbrushes out on when we were done with acrylic and tempera paints. By doing this we would prevent some of the paint from going down the drain, literally. As much paint as we use, I was afraid we would eventually clog our drains and this seemed like a simple solution.

What we discovered was that the more paint we added to our picture, the cooler it looked. The kids had a blast making this project. Once we thought it had enough paint on it, we decided to finish it off by giving it a couple of last minute swirals, which were also left over paints. This gave it a sort of “Dale Chihuly” effect.

I can’t wait to do this project again next year. Who knows, maybe we can have a whole “Masterpiece” collection to display in our media center someday.

Piggies with Attitude!

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Our 4th grade students are currently working with clay.  This is one of their favorite highlights of the year.  We have been constructing piggy banks.  To do this,  first,  they hade to make 2 pinch pots.  They scored around the edges of the pots and then applied “slip” or watered down clay.  This will help “glue”  the 2 pieces together.  Once we join these we have a hollow, clay sphere.  Next,  we add our ears, eyes and other details that create its “attitude”.

After this step is completed,  we have to allow our pieces to dry.  Once they are dry,  Mrs. Euken will transport our pigs to the kiln or “clay oven” to be fired.  This means they will be baked at a really high temperature for a long time.  When they come out they will l be hard and we can paint them.

Please plan on coming to our art show on February 7th so you can see our awesome “Pigs With Attitude”.

It’s FINALLY Here!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I can’t believe it is finally here!  Yes,  I am talking about our 1st annual art show!!  It is this week from 8-4 at Washington Intermediate School and on Thursday  it runs from 5-8 PM.  The kids are very excited.

There will be DVDs of the students artwork that can be preordered during the art show for only $5.  You will also want to bring your camera.  Hope to see you there!

Reminder:  The Inman art show is the week of April 23-27  from 8-4 with an evening Art Expo on the 27th from 5-8 PM.

A Sneak Peek at the Art Expo

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This is just a sneak peek at the great artwork you will see if you attend the upcoming art expos in Red Oak!   The kids are looking forward to this event and they can’t wait to share all of their hard work and talent with you. See you there!

Washington School = April 10 – 13th during the day with an evening show on April 12th from 5-8.

Inman Primary = April 23 – 27th during the day with an evening show on April 27th from 5 – 8.