The Creation Station

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This is the 2nd year we have had a “Creation Station”  in  our art room.   As we are always striving to be the best we can be,  not only in our artwork,  but also our behavior.  Once we reach our class behavior goals,  we get to  enjoy some time in the “Creation Station.”

Please click here to watch a short video of our Creation Station.

A few of the fun activities that are available in the Creation Station include wooden building blocks & a Slotto Construction Set (for perhaps our future architects),  Lite Brites,  fun crafting scissors,  drawing books & paper,  markers,   and a few other items.

We  are always looking for more  activities for our Creation Station.  One of the items we would like to add are Legos.  If you happen  to know of somebody that is getting rid of some,  we would love to add them to our collection.  If you happen to have other items that you think we might be interested in,  please feel free to let us know.  Thanks!




Going “Out on a Limb”

Jones Birds 008

With the cold weather and winter winds blowing,  I have been encouraging the kids at school to use this “indoor time” to their advantage and make it their own special drawing and creativity time.  This past week the 3rd graders have been learning how to draw birds.  I have explained to them that if you can break items down into various shapes,  it makes it easier to draw them.

For the cardinals that the students drew this past week, they first had to imagine the body as an oval.  They then had to view the head as a circle.  Next came the long flat oval or “fat pancake”  that made the wing.  It didn’t take long for one of the children to view the tail feathers as a long skinny rectangle.

I’m hoping to have most of the cardinals posted on this blog,  under the 3rd grade link by the end of the week.


I’m Lovin’ It!!!!

Random 006 Random 005 Random 003 Random 002 Random 001

It just makes my day to see children that love to make art.  The smiles on their faces as they come into my art room don’t go un-noticed.  It gives me a heart warmed feeling to know that no matter how great or limited their artistic talent might be,  they are enjoying creating and using their imaginations.

When we finished a project early I used to always try to have another project for them to start on right away.  This worked well for some children but too often there were issues with too many projects going on at once.  Now,  I try to give the children what we call “free drawing” time.  I always make sure I have plenty of drawing paper and pencils on hand.  I also have lots of “how to” drawing books for the children to use.  I tell the kids that drawing is kind of like reading,  you can never practice too much.

What I have noticed since I have added our “free drawing” time,  is that many of the kids that often were messing around and not getting their work done were now working harder than ever to have their free drawing time.  They used to depend on me for ideas on what I thought they should draw.  Now,  they are letting their imaginations and creativity kick in,  without needing my assistance and I couldn’t be happier.