Art Expo, 2015, A New Look!!


In the past our Spring Art Show at Inman Primary has included approximately 3,000 pieces of artwork from our students.  After a visit from the State Fire Marshall’s office,  however,  the IPS art show will be taking on a different look. This year’s art show will be online instead of in our school hallways.  Needless to say,  I was pretty disappointed at first,  but I do understand where he is coming from.  This is a drastic change but  the  safety of our students comes first.  If you have ever attended the Inman art expo,   you know that the artwork has completely covered almost every square inch of wall space available,

As an alternative plan,  we have decided to still hold an Art Expo online.  If you will take a look at the left hand side of this page,  you will notice the headings:  Kindergarten Creations,   Fabulous First Grade,  Sensational 2nd Grade,  Great 3rd Graders,  and Fantastic Fourth Grade.  Simply click on that link and it will take you to the students artwork.  Once you see the students teacher’s names,  it will take you into their class video.

Hope you enjoy the videos!


Earth Without Art is Just “Eh”

The 3rd Annual Art Expo at Inman Primary is going on now! It runs all week during the school day and on Thursday it runs from 8:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M.. We hope you can attend. Please click on the following link for a quick preview. Enjoy!

Inman Primary Art Expo 2014

Art Show  14 153

Turning Trash to Treasures

CC1 CC3 CC7 Character Pillars 003 Character Pillars

As we begin our Character Counts large group project this semester,  I have had a lot of fun teaching the younger children how to weave.  Every year this can be a bit of a challenge,  but this year we have taken a different approach and rather than having the students make their own individual weaving project,  it is a group effort.

I have been blessed with a husband that does a little bit of woodworking.  He made some nice big wooden frames for me.  I wanted to have a frame for each color represented in the Character Counts Pillars.  There are 6 of these.  I also wanted to have the frames look  nice with an existing bulletin board in our main hallway.  This entailed giving the frames a thinned acrylic paint stain and then using a wood burning tool to etch designs into them. This was a new skill I had to learn. I was fun but extremely time-consuming.  My husband and I both worked on this part of the project.

Now that the frames are nearly completed, the fun part begins.  This is where I get make a woven tapestry with my K-3 students.  I’m very happy with how our project is starting to look.  The kids are delighted too.

We are attempting to make our weaving project symbolic of the students it represents.    By doing this we have added some old denim since most of the children like to wear blue jeans.  We also have included ribbon,  yarn,  and an old paint shirt that represents their love for making art.

I am looking forward to seeing what else our students bring to weave into our project.  Their have had some very creative ideas so far.

If you would like to help your child make a frame loom at home,  you might find this website helpful.  You can  use an old frame you might have in the back of the closet,  some nails,  and odds and ends from around the house to weave into the piece.  I hope you have fun turning your trash into treasure with your child!

Character Counts

Character counts


As we move into the second semester here at IPS,  we will be implementing various Character Counts activities with our students.  If  you are not familiar with Character Counts,  it is a program in which everyone is involved.  It is based on 6 ethical values that we all agree on.  These are referred to as the Six Pillars of Character.    They include:

1. Trustworthiness

2. Respect

3. Responsibility

4. Fairness

5. Caring

6. Citizenship

As you may recall,  the last couple of years I have done an all-building art project with our students.  This year the project for IPS will be based around Character Counts.  I am in need of a few items to help with the construction of this project as we  “Weave our way to Good Character”.

Each pillar has a specific color that it is linked to.  The 6 pillars we construct will be made of these 6 colors: Red, Orange,  Yellow/Gold, Green ,Blue,  Purple. A few samples of items we could use might include but are not limited to:

*old pieces of your child’s clothing,  maybe an old T-shirt or pair of pants no longer being worn

*small toys no longer being used (hot wheels,  a tiny doll such as Barbie or smaller,  maybe some hot wheel track?

*ribbon from a child’s Christmas/birthday gift

* hair ribbon

Please keep in mind,  the items sent,  will not be returned.  I am hoping to weave as many items as possible into our group project however I can’t promise they will all be used.  I want to thank you once again for helping us to make the art program in the Red Oak Schools A Shade Better!


I’m Lovin’ It!!!!

Random 006 Random 005 Random 003 Random 002 Random 001

It just makes my day to see children that love to make art.  The smiles on their faces as they come into my art room don’t go un-noticed.  It gives me a heart warmed feeling to know that no matter how great or limited their artistic talent might be,  they are enjoying creating and using their imaginations.

When we finished a project early I used to always try to have another project for them to start on right away.  This worked well for some children but too often there were issues with too many projects going on at once.  Now,  I try to give the children what we call “free drawing” time.  I always make sure I have plenty of drawing paper and pencils on hand.  I also have lots of “how to” drawing books for the children to use.  I tell the kids that drawing is kind of like reading,  you can never practice too much.

What I have noticed since I have added our “free drawing” time,  is that many of the kids that often were messing around and not getting their work done were now working harder than ever to have their free drawing time.  They used to depend on me for ideas on what I thought they should draw.  Now,  they are letting their imaginations and creativity kick in,  without needing my assistance and I couldn’t be happier.

Christmas Will Be Here Before We Know It


As Christmas gets closer,  it’s time to start thinking about what to get those special kids in our lives.   Perhaps this year instead of  giving expensive hand-held video games,  you could consider art supplies for Christmas.  In years past,  students have asked me to share with you some ideas that you might wish to consider giving.  They’ve also asked me to share  where you could purchase them.

I love shopping for supplies at Hobby Lobby.  They have a weekly online newsletter.  Just go to to register.  This often has 40% off coupons!  That’s when I like to shop for big supplies.  Check it out!

Here are a few of the things we have been using in classes that have been popular hits with the kids:

*oil pastels (these are kind of a combination between oil paints and a piece of chalk)

*watercolors (these can be found in most school supply areas of most department stores)

*drawing paper,  pencils,  charcoals,  (Hobby Lobby,  some department stores)

*drawing books with simple step by step pictures

*colored pencils

*weaving supplies – Looms can vary in price,  depending on what kind you get.  Different grade levels are learning different types of weaving so if you need some advice with this,  please contact me.  These can also be found in some department stores,  Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

I hope this has been helpful. Remember,  art is a WONDERFUL way to help your child’s imagination and promote creativity. Please share some of these ideas with grandparents too.

Georgia, Sweet Georgia… In Our Art Room


We are currently learning about a great American artist by the name of Georgia O’Keeffe.  Georgia was born back in 1887 on a farm in Wisconsin.  Way back then,  we found out that girls hardly ever went to college to study art.  Georgia’s mother and father encouraged her to do this because when she was growing up,  they saw just how talented she was.

We learned that Georgia live in many places including Wisconsin, New York City,  Texas,  Chicago,  and New Mexico.  Even though it was hot she loved Texas and New Mexico the most.  She loved the land,  the sky,  the sunsets,  the hills in the distance,  she loved being there alone.

Georgia enjoyed painting many things,  but some of her favorites included animal bones and skulls,  the sky,  the plains,  cityscapes of New York,  and the subject she was most famous for,  FLOWERS.  When she painted flowers,  she painted them BIG.

Georgia lived to be 98 years old.  We thought that in itself was pretty amazing.  We can’t wait to start on some of our Georgia projects.  Be sure to stop back in a couple of weeks to see our completed masterpieces!


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