A HUGE Success! Way To Go!

Last week Washington Intermediate School completed their first art show!  It was a huge success and I couldn’t be more proud of the students and their accomplishments.  Please take a moment to look at the slide show of their event!

Washington Art Show 2012  (click)

Don’t forget to come to Inman Primary next week for their first art show.  It runs Monday,  April 23rd- Friday the 27th.  There will be an evening Art Expo on Friday evening from 5-8!  Don’t forget your cameras!


It’s FINALLY Here!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I can’t believe it is finally here!  Yes,  I am talking about our 1st annual art show!!  It is this week from 8-4 at Washington Intermediate School and on Thursday  it runs from 5-8 PM.  The kids are very excited.

There will be DVDs of the students artwork that can be preordered during the art show for only $5.  You will also want to bring your camera.  Hope to see you there!

Reminder:  The Inman art show is the week of April 23-27  from 8-4 with an evening Art Expo on the 27th from 5-8 PM.

A Sneak Peek at the Art Expo

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This is just a sneak peek at the great artwork you will see if you attend the upcoming art expos in Red Oak!   The kids are looking forward to this event and they can’t wait to share all of their hard work and talent with you. See you there!

Washington School = April 10 – 13th during the day with an evening show on April 12th from 5-8.

Inman Primary = April 23 – 27th during the day with an evening show on April 27th from 5 – 8.

Dates Set For 1st Annual Red Oak Art Expo

I am very excited about our upcoming,  1st Annual Red Oak Art Expo!   This is something I have dreamt of doing  for years and it is really going to happen!  The kids are just as excited as I am too.

Washington Elementary will be holding a daytime exhibit the entire week of April 10th.  They will also have an evening Art Expo on April 12th from 5:00 until 8:00 P.M..

Inman Primary will be holding their daytime exhibit the entire week of April 23rd with an evening Art Expo on Friday, April 27th from 5:00 until 8:00.

We can’t wait to see you there!  Please be sure to mark your calendars and invite all of your friends and family!