Going “Out on a Limb”

Jones Birds 008

With the cold weather and winter winds blowing,  I have been encouraging the kids at school to use this “indoor time” to their advantage and make it their own special drawing and creativity time.  This past week the 3rd graders have been learning how to draw birds.  I have explained to them that if you can break items down into various shapes,  it makes it easier to draw them.

For the cardinals that the students drew this past week, they first had to imagine the body as an oval.  They then had to view the head as a circle.  Next came the long flat oval or “fat pancake”  that made the wing.  It didn’t take long for one of the children to view the tail feathers as a long skinny rectangle.

I’m hoping to have most of the cardinals posted on this blog,  under the 3rd grade link by the end of the week.



Paper Mache…Oh What a mess!!

paper mache 001

paper mache 004

paper mache 002

WOW!!! What a week we are having in 3rd grade. We are making paper mache masks and boy, oh boy, are they MESSY!!!! The kids are having a ball, but it is VERY time consuming. They are being great workers, but it is still taking quite a while to make them.

First, we blew up balloons. Then we mixed our paste. We used a combination of flour, water, and a little glue. We tore newspapers in strips and proceeded to paste them onto the ballons. The kids are loving this project so far. After they are dry, we will paint them. Be sure to check back with us in a few weeks to see the final results.