Supplies and Materials

We are always in need of various odds and ends in our art department.  I will try to keep this section updated as to what we could possibly use that you may have on hand.  Please check this occasionally since it will be changing from time to time.

We are in need of:

*child’s paint easels like the one in the picture,  if you know of anybody getting rid of one,  PLEASE let me know.

*plastic wrap and waxed paper

*glue sticks

*old, sturdy, 8×10 wooden picture frames (these will be made into looms for weaving)

*used DVD and/or VCR player to view media on artists and art elements

*fabric – I would like a few pieces that are 3 yards +   for displays during the art show .  These can be solid or prints.

*LOTS of plastic lids– the kind you find on a jug of milk- in various colors an sizes

If you find something else that you think we might be able to use,  please don’t hesitate to call me or send it to school with your child.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Mrs. Euken


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