WIN Wednesdays

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So,  after 26 years of teaching kindergarten or first grade,  I am living the dream of teaching art.  But art isn’t the only thing going on in my classroom.  On Wednesdays,  our district has what we call WIN Wednesdays.  The WIN stands for “What I Need Most” and that is exactly what we focus on.

Or district has implemented PLC’s,  professional learning communities.  With this we practice RTI or Response to Intervention.  Through collaboration we can find ways to better help our students with areas they may find difficult.  RTI shifts the responsibility of helping all students to become successful from not only their classroom teachers but to their special teachers and the entire staff as well.  By using this approach,  on Wednesdays we break down into small groups and focus on certain skills (literacy at this time)  that each particular child could use help on.

Each grade level devotes 45 minutes on Wednesdays to WIN.  The results our district is seeing since we have implemented this program are very rewarding.   It’s also nice to work with students in the small groups so we can get to know them better.  If you are an educator and wish to learn more about RTI,  I highly recommend the book Pyramid Response to Intervention by Buffmam, Mattos & Weber.


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