Georgia, Sweet Georgia… In Our Art Room


We are currently learning about a great American artist by the name of Georgia O’Keeffe.  Georgia was born back in 1887 on a farm in Wisconsin.  Way back then,  we found out that girls hardly ever went to college to study art.  Georgia’s mother and father encouraged her to do this because when she was growing up,  they saw just how talented she was.

We learned that Georgia live in many places including Wisconsin, New York City,  Texas,  Chicago,  and New Mexico.  Even though it was hot she loved Texas and New Mexico the most.  She loved the land,  the sky,  the sunsets,  the hills in the distance,  she loved being there alone.

Georgia enjoyed painting many things,  but some of her favorites included animal bones and skulls,  the sky,  the plains,  cityscapes of New York,  and the subject she was most famous for,  FLOWERS.  When she painted flowers,  she painted them BIG.

Georgia lived to be 98 years old.  We thought that in itself was pretty amazing.  We can’t wait to start on some of our Georgia projects.  Be sure to stop back in a couple of weeks to see our completed masterpieces!


th[11]  thCACHGSU0 thCAVJ5B8M


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