The Wild Beast???

The first artist we have studied this year is Henri Matisse. He was born on New Year’s Eve in 1869, almost 144 years ago!!
Henri’s dad wanted him to become a lawyer but when Henri was 20 years old he got very sick and had to stay in bed for almost an entire year. To keep him from getting bored, his mom bought him some art supplies. That is when he decided he wanted to become an artist instead of a lawyer.
Henri originally liked to paint. He didn’t worry about making his artwork look realistic, which was kind of unusual back them. In fact, one of his paintings called “The Woman in the Hat” had a blue and green face! Imagine that!! Because of this, people started calling him the nickname The Wild Beast. He also liked to wear a crazy big brown fur coat that made him look like a bear, so they called him the Wild Beast because of that too. One of our favorite paintings we studied this year was called “The Goldfish” which we had fun making our own paintings of. This is what Henri’s picture looked like:

Mr. Matisse loved to do paper cut outs (gouaches découpés) in his later years. One of our favorites was called “Sorrow of the King” which had 3 musicians in it. Can you find the 3 musicians?

We have really enjoyed learning about Henri Matisse and e hope we have taught you about him too!


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