Inman Primary Art Show, 2013, A sneak peek.

viking and art show 655


IPS Art Show 2013, Sneak Peek

Don’t forget our IPS art show going on this week. It runs from 8:00-4:00, and then on Friday, April 26th, from 8 A.M. – 8 P.M. Hope to see you there. Enjoy this sneak peek.


SchoolArts Magazine… WooHoo!!!


I’m so proud of my students! Their bottle cap projects from last school year were published this past week in the May/June publication of SchoolArts Magazine. SchoolArts Magazine is an awesome resource used by art teachers all over the world! This is both a digital online magazine as well as a paperback publication.

Last summer I was contacted by Nancy Walkup, editor of SchoolArts Magazine. She had seen our bottle cap project on the Mrs. Euken’s Art Mooseum blog. She requested that I write an article about the work the students had done. I was then contacted last fall and found out that it would be used, we just weren’t sure when.

If you would like to take a look at the article, please visit SchoolArts at:

Paper Mache…Oh What a mess!!

paper mache 001

paper mache 004

paper mache 002

WOW!!! What a week we are having in 3rd grade. We are making paper mache masks and boy, oh boy, are they MESSY!!!! The kids are having a ball, but it is VERY time consuming. They are being great workers, but it is still taking quite a while to make them.

First, we blew up balloons. Then we mixed our paste. We used a combination of flour, water, and a little glue. We tore newspapers in strips and proceeded to paste them onto the ballons. The kids are loving this project so far. After they are dry, we will paint them. Be sure to check back with us in a few weeks to see the final results.

Learning the Color Wheel

color wheel 001

color wheel 002

color wheel 004

color wheel 007

As the Developemnetal Kindergarteners learned about the color wheel, they also learned about sharing and helping one another. First, we talked about the color wheel and what it was. They had already learned about the pirmary colors, red, yellow and blue earlier this year. They had also learned about mixing these colors to get secondary colors.
In this leasson, students learned what this looks like when organized by a color wheel, or “color tire” and one of the students put it. Much to my surprise, they also asked about the colors opposite each other on the color wheel. I explained to them that these are what we call our complimentary colors. I had not planned on incorporating this into my lesson on this day, but they wanted to learn it. They quickly cuaght on and had fun telling me the various complimentary colors.

Next, the children were given piles of objects that were a collection of various colors and they had to sort them and place them on the appropriate colored paper for their class color wheel. They had a lot of fun doing this. I hot glude these in place and they now have a large color wheel to refer back to. They were very excited to learn that this will be posted in our art room for all of the children in our building to use, since they had done such a nice job on it.