Masterpiece final 009

Yes, our “Masterpiece” is finally completed. All of the K-3 students at Inman have been working on this project since the beginning of the year. As you may already know, I have had a link on here to watch our “Masterpiece” as it developes.

First, we salvaged an old canvas picture out of storage. We then went to work! Our original plan was to use this to simply clean our paintbrushes out on when we were done with acrylic and tempera paints. By doing this we would prevent some of the paint from going down the drain, literally. As much paint as we use, I was afraid we would eventually clog our drains and this seemed like a simple solution.

What we discovered was that the more paint we added to our picture, the cooler it looked. The kids had a blast making this project. Once we thought it had enough paint on it, we decided to finish it off by giving it a couple of last minute swirals, which were also left over paints. This gave it a sort of “Dale Chihuly” effect.

I can’t wait to do this project again next year. Who knows, maybe we can have a whole “Masterpiece” collection to display in our media center someday.


About Mrs. Euken's Art Mooseum

*I am married to Mark and have 2 children, Whitney and Bradley and 2 grandsons. *I LOVE my job! I taught kindergarten and first grade in Red Oak for 26 years and I am now teaching K-3 art! I have around 350 students. This has been my lifelong dream. *While not working on things for school, I enjoy crocheting, weaving, camping, cooking, cake decorating & most of all, spending time with my granddchildren.

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