The Completed “Masterpiece”

Masterpiece final 009

Yes, our “Masterpiece” is finally completed. All of the K-3 students at Inman have been working on this project since the beginning of the year. As you may already know, I have had a link on here to watch our “Masterpiece” as it developes.

First, we salvaged an old canvas picture out of storage. We then went to work! Our original plan was to use this to simply clean our paintbrushes out on when we were done with acrylic and tempera paints. By doing this we would prevent some of the paint from going down the drain, literally. As much paint as we use, I was afraid we would eventually clog our drains and this seemed like a simple solution.

What we discovered was that the more paint we added to our picture, the cooler it looked. The kids had a blast making this project. Once we thought it had enough paint on it, we decided to finish it off by giving it a couple of last minute swirals, which were also left over paints. This gave it a sort of “Dale Chihuly” effect.

I can’t wait to do this project again next year. Who knows, maybe we can have a whole “Masterpiece” collection to display in our media center someday.


Dale Chihuly Chandelier… WOW!!

dale completed 008

dale completed 004

dale completed 003

Inman Primary has recently completed their version of a “Dale Chihuly Chandelier”. Washington Intermediate is well on their way to also making a chandelier, hoping to complete it before the end of the year.

To construct this piece of artwork, we collected plastic water bottles, soda bottles, and plastic cups. They then colored the bottles with brightly colored permanent markers. This was something that even the youngest of students could do, often making patterns and designs on them. Once these were colored, a spiral was drawn on them and then the kids used regular classroom scissors and cut on the spiral lines. We also drew and cut spirals on the pastic cups.

After the bottles and cups were cut into spirals, Mrs. Euken used a heat gun while the students helped to pull the plastic spirals. This melted the plastic and in the process, made it hard. It transformed into an icicle that looked like glass.

The final step to making our chandelier was to wire the icicles onto a chicken wire frame. The frame was eventually covered with hundereds of these, making it resemble one of Dale Chihuly’s chandeliers.

The finished product turned out absolutly amazing. We hope you will come and see it for yourself in the hallway of our building. Not only did we recycle bottles and cups to help keep our earth green, but we created an awesome piece of art that will add to the beauty of our school for years to come.

If you would like to see one of Dale Chihuly’s chandeliers in person, please consider visiting the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha Nebraska. You will not be disappointed, I’m sure.