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I am pleased to announce that this coming February we will be holding the Washington Intermediate’s Art Show.  It will be held the week of February 4th with an evening Art Expo on Monday and Thursday until 8:00 P.M. during parent teacher conferences.

Inman Primary’s Art Show will be held the week of April 22.  The evening Art Expo will be held on April 26th until 8:00 P.M..   If you are interested in helping prepare for this event,  please be sure to let me know.  I have lots of labeling to do in advance.   It is also going to take quite a bit of time to set up the exhibits and your help would be appreciated!  Thank you!


About Mrs. Euken's Art Mooseum

*I am married to Mark and have 2 children, Whitney and Bradley and 2 grandsons. *I LOVE my job! I taught kindergarten and first grade in Red Oak for 26 years and I am now teaching K-3 art! I have around 350 students. This has been my lifelong dream. *While not working on things for school, I enjoy crocheting, weaving, camping, cooking, cake decorating & most of all, spending time with my granddchildren.

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