And the Next Project Is…. Chihuly???

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Yes,  we will be studying the work of Dale Chihuly.  Mr. Chihuly is a glass artist and his work is magnificent!  If you have been in the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha Nebraska,  you have probably seen one of his beautiful glass blown chandeliers.  The colors are indescribable.  If you have not yet seen his work,  I highly encourage you to try to visit the Joslyn in the near future to make this artist and his work come to life for your child.  You will not be disappointed.

As part of our studies,  we will be making large hanging sculptures at both Inman and Washington in the style of the Chihuly chandeliers.  We are going to need to collect clear water/pop bottles,  clear plastic plates,  and we will need lots of permanent colored markers.  The bottles can also be colored,  but must be transparent,  such as a green 7-Up or Sprite bottle.   If you have any of these items that you would be willing to donate,  it would be much appreciated.


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