Piggies with Attitude!

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Our 4th grade students are currently working with clay.  This is one of their favorite highlights of the year.  We have been constructing piggy banks.  To do this,  first,  they hade to make 2 pinch pots.  They scored around the edges of the pots and then applied “slip” or watered down clay.  This will help “glue”  the 2 pieces together.  Once we join these we have a hollow, clay sphere.  Next,  we add our ears, eyes and other details that create its “attitude”.

After this step is completed,  we have to allow our pieces to dry.  Once they are dry,  Mrs. Euken will transport our pigs to the kiln or “clay oven” to be fired.  This means they will be baked at a really high temperature for a long time.  When they come out they will l be hard and we can paint them.

Please plan on coming to our art show on February 7th so you can see our awesome “Pigs With Attitude”.


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