Eveready Battery Cityscapes, The Plant is Gone, But Not Forgotten!

The Eveready Battery Plant ran operations in Red Oak, Iowa from 1948-1994. When the plant closed 18 years ago,  there were lots of  really cool things that were no longer needed.  When I became the K-4 art teacher,  I found loads of “good stuff” from the Eveready plant in my supply closet.  I told the students a little bit about the plant, since it was a rich part of Red Oak’s history.

This past week,  the 3rd graders at Inman Primary have been learning about cityscapes.  A cityscape is an artistic view of a city or town.   After much thought,  I decided to use some “honeycomb”   cardboard we inherited from who knows where for our land and the empty 2A battery casings from Eveready for our “buildings” in our cityscapes.  We also used paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls as large “towers” in our city.

Although our cities are not yet complete,  we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what we are in the process of creating.  Hope you have as much fun looking at them as we are having creating them!


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