A “Masterpiece” In The Making

We love to paint in art, however, sometimes cleanup can be a bit tricky,  especially with the younger students.  When we have left over paint,  I can’t bear to see it go down the drain.  It not only isn’t good for the plumbing, but it seems so wasteful.  I ran across this great idea on one of my favorite online sites,  Pinterest.  After we are finished with our paint each day,  we simply clean out our brushes and our paint pallets on a large framed canvas.  It is not only fun to see this work in progress as it changes from day to day,  but it eliminates our paint from going down the drain and we arent’ wasting our paint.  Please keep checking on our “Masterpiece”  as we add to our slide show throughout the year.  The slide for this can be found on the left-hand side of our home page or right here.

Our “Masterpiece”


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