A Sneak Peek at the Art Expo

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This is just a sneak peek at the great artwork you will see if you attend the upcoming art expos in Red Oak!   The kids are looking forward to this event and they can’t wait to share all of their hard work and talent with you. See you there!

Washington School = April 10 – 13th during the day with an evening show on April 12th from 5-8.

Inman Primary = April 23 – 27th during the day with an evening show on April 27th from 5 – 8.


Bottle Cap Projects: One Done, One To Go!!

Washington Bottle Cap Project

Well,  thanks to the help from our wonderful community and the hard work of the Washington students,  our first bottle cap recycling project is complete.  This has been an ongoing project and it has proven to be absolutely outstanding!  The Bottle Cap Tiger is on display outside the art room at Washington Intermediate School.  This will be its permanent home for everybody to admire and enjoy! Be sure to take a look during our upcoming art show,  the week of April 10th.   Inman’s mural is nearing completion so be sure to check back in a few weeks to see how it turns out also.

Nearing Completion!


Our bottle cap projects are almost complete!  This has been a great project for our students and a very beneficial recycling project.  Bottle caps are surprisingly difficult to recycle.  Some recycling machines are easily jammed by plastic shards and tiny lids.

Did you know that plastic bottle caps are often made from a different kind of plastic than the bottles they are attached to?  These different types of plastic have to be recycled separately.  If the bottle and the cap were recycled in the same batch of plastic,  the two different plastics would melt unevenly and the whole batch would be ruined.

This has been a fun project.  Please be sure to check back again in a few days to see our finished masterpieces!  Thanks for visiting.

Art Teacher’s Workshop

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Last Friday the Red Oak art teachers tracked through the ice-covered roads and had a fun-filled day of learning in Council Bluffs at Hoover Elementary.  Thanks to our fabulous hostess,  Pat Stevens.  We met with art teachers from all over southwest and south central Iowa.

Just a few of the things we took part in included learning the art of Viking knitting,  pouring pewter into plaster cast molds,  and making button rings.  We also shared lessons and came home with numerous new ideas we can share with our students.

(Photos in the above slide show were from Pat Stevens blog page)