Out With the Old, In With the New!

We are very excited about the new look for our classroom at Inman.  Our old, tattered rugs had seen better days and with a small portion of our stocking auction proceeds,  we were able to purchase this beautiful new area rug.  It is big enough for an entire class to sit on when Mrs. Euken is reading about some of our favorite artists and illustrators.



Prior to Christmas our students had the opportunity to decorate giant stockings for the Red Oak Chamber of Commerce. These were then hung in various businesses around Fountain Square Park.  On Saturday,  December 17, the Chamber,  with the help of Rubey Realty, auctioned off the stockings at the Wilson Performing Arts Center.  Although there were not a lot of people in attendance,  the results were HUGE!!!

This past week the Chamber presented our elementary art department with a check for $844!!!!!!  This was from the Stocking Auction proceeds!  Many, many thanks to our wonderful Red Oak Chamber and their Pride of Red Oak Committee and well as all of the businesses.  Thanks to the friends and families that purchased the stockings as well.  Your generosity and hard work are what makes Red Oak “A Shade Better.”