Have we flipped our lids? Yep, and our bottle caps too!

Please help us recycle & also make an awesome art project!

We are collecting plastic bottle caps and lids for an art project.  We need as many shapes, sizes and colors as we can possibly get our hands on.  These can be off of pop bottles,  detergent jugs,  cleaning supplies,  milk jugs,  juice bottles,  frosting tubs,  spray starch cans,  spray paint cans,  disinfecting wipe containers, mayonnaise jars,  and on and on…  you get the general idea.  I do ask that they are rinsed off prior to sending them to school.

Eventually I hope to get some collection jars into some of the businesses in town to also help in our efforts.  If anybody has any large, 2 gallon or so, clear, plastic jars that we could have,  it would be very helpful.  Thanks again for all of your help and support.

Teresa Euken


One thought on “Have we flipped our lids? Yep, and our bottle caps too!

  1. Its great that you have this sight its fun to look at all the pictures we have done and to see our art works on a websight its like were famous this is a great sight every one should go on this page! Mrs.Eukan is an awesome art teacher leave a comments! This is won awesome page and a good idea to create! We should give Mrs eukan a really nice thank you for doing this and is gonna make art even funner!!!!!!! Mrs.Eukan is the best art teacher alive! thank you Mrs.Eukan

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